Saturday, August 8, 2009

Déménager – To Move

It can be both Humbling, and Inspiring to pack all your possessions into one automobile.


Jessica said...

are you for real?

Remember when we moved all my stuff in your two door Civic hatch-back. Hey, thanks for all your help. BTW I can't help you move. But good luck!

Wish I could be there with you and Sam on the drive home. Be safe :)

I'm at Vivian's. She said you need to eat more. I second it.

Fatten up, Ninja!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe in such a small pile of possessions you still have that ridiculous tiki head thing. Must be sentimental value - something to do with surviving a house fire maybe?

Best of luck with the trip.

Anonymous said...

PS - I know anonymous ppl don't sign their name, just too lazy to set up an account
-Josh (er, I mean anonymous!)